Friday, October 31, 2008

A story written by Kaitlyn

My Hero
By: Kaitlyn
One of the biggest heroes in my life is my grandma, Sharon . My grandma, as most grandmas do, has an opinion and I love her for it. She is never afraid to tell you what she is thinking. If she doesn't think the picture should be as high on the wall as it is, she'll tell you where it should be; if the person next to you in the check out line is too loud or obnoxious, she'll tell me later.
Grandma is also amazingly good at riddles, crossword puzzles, and mind bogglers. Whenever I need homework help she is the very first person I call. More than likely, I have been working on this question a long time. When I finish telling her the problem, she has the solution in a minute. Another thing I love about my grandma is that she spoils me. She is one of the only people in my family who will still let me get away with acting like a little kid.
I like to believe that my grandma is one of the most up-to-date grandmothers there are. The reason for this is that before my mom even started wearing carpis, my grandma did. She didn't call them "clam diggers" or "waders"' She knew the more modern term. When she told me this I just smiled, then she said, "What? Isn't that what they are called?" I told her yes, but I didn't know she knew that. Then she smiled at me. I will always remember this.
Another thing she impresses me with is her technology skills. Grandma has an e-mail account, a digital camera, a blog, and even a cell phone! Not one of those "Jitterbug" old people phones, a phone that would be acceptable to my generation.
Something else my grandma does is cook. Trust me on this: You have not tasted great caramel rolls until you have tried hers. She also makes these delicious cookies that taste good warm, frozen, fresh, or old!
The last bit I would like to add about Grandma is that she has beautiful white hair. I hope I'll have white hair like her someday. -Oh yes, and she swears. Not just under her breath when she burns herself, but whenever she is mad at something. Now how many grandmothers do you know that swear?
All of this is what I love about her and why she is is one of my heroes.
Love Kaitlyn
( Kaitlyn and her family had it framed for me and it is now hanging on my wall. What a great thrill to know that you are your granddaughters hero. Of course she is great kid. I love her to pieces!)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The weaned calves

The calves have been weaned and are enjoying a sunny dayYum, hay for dinner

A sunny fun Saturday afternoon

Jerry picking up bales to load onto the stack mover.In his grip and moving towards the mover
Putting the last two bales on. This tractor was the
one that I had the honor of driving.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A burning bush

I have tried several times to get a burning bush that actually turned red
in the fall. Finally one did what it was supposed to do.
This I planted this spring and it is so red
and pretty right now. With the wind today there will be no leaves left
but it looked nice for a couple of weeks.

Cowboy duty

It was time for the cattle to come home for their annual testing.
We only had to chase them two miles. This is
Cowboy Jerry with his horse.
They just walked home so nicely, munching on the grass as they went.
These cows decided as they were nearer to the yard
that they should spread out a bit and eat more grass
and not go where they were supposed to.
This is Cowboy Doug with his horse. I was the
cowgirl in the pickup with the radio and heater.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just for Kaitlyn

Last weekend when we stopped to see Troy, Shirley, Kaitlyn and Sean,
Kaitlyn had to get ready for a concert at her school. This is Kaitlyn
ready for the concert.

Kaitlyn's friend, Chelsey, stopped to get her so they could ride to school together. These two girls looked very pretty all dressed up and ready to "rock and roll".

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Warning!!! Snakes!!!!!

For those of you that don't like snakes-STOP- do not look!!!
Yesterday as I was walking to the mailbox, there was this little
brown snake with a red belly. I had never seen one before. Now my
kids would tell you I am an old person and should of seen one
by this time of my life but ,No, I had never seen one before.
This is a Redbelly snake that eats grubs and insects and also
is nocturnal. Now the only reason I could figure out as to
why he/she was out and about this time of day was that it
wanted to get to the other side of the road.
He/she was just a little snake, about 12 inches long.

The last of the bumble bees for the summer

If you look closely you will see this large bumble bee trying to get some nectar before
the summer is over.

Aidyn showing how to hang on her bars

Aidyn showing me how to hang on the bar. Now, she did not ask me to try this.
I am sure she knew that would be an impossible task for this g'ma.
Aidyn and I had a lot of giggles while she did this. What a great kid.

Some wild flowers

This summer Jerry and Justin built a raised flower bed at the Lodge.
Justin and I then planted wild flowers in it. They were on their own.
They are blooming now of course and some just started blooming
and there was frost so they are no more. This is what is left and they
are doing very well.
I don't know the names of any of these flowers
I would guess these might be sunflowers
And another sunflower

Friday, October 3, 2008

Ranting and raving

I need to rant a bit about the drivers around Bismarck area. I swear they think they are the only ones on the street. Twice lately someone has decided to move into another lane and oops there seems to be a driver there-- that being me. This means I get to slam on my brakes, turn out of their way and definitely I use my horn. Everything on the front seat flies onto the floor. Luckily there wasn't anything breakable in that mess that is now on the floor boards. They then look and see me, move back into their own lane and go on their merry way. Now I have always thought the drivers in Bismarck were meant to be out on prairie trails in the first place. I have grandchildren that are better drivers then they are. By the way, this has happened to me on the interstate too. Some dude just in la-la land tries to move into my lane with his pickup and trailer. I slam on the brakes and turn out onto the shoulder and lay on the horn. He then throws up his hands and realizes he should check his mirrors before doing that again. I like to drive but dislike the people that don't look before moving into the next lane. I should invest in a giant air horn.
Now, wouldn't that be fun to blow that thing when some dude screws up on the road.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

More snapshots of the orchard

Jerry picking his favorite apple of the dayG'pa trying to be William Tell although without the bow and arrow
Jeff hoisting Aidyn to get an apple.
Nolan and Aidyn sitting with the pumpkins
Now this is an antique apple peeler. This would be something
that I would love as I dislike peeling apples. The biggest problem would be
to find a spot in my kitchen for this needed item. It takes just seconds
to peel an apple and it peels several at a time plus it cores them. Now
that is my kind of kitchen gadget.

A visit to an apple orchard

This is on the way to the apple orchard itself. They herded us into a wagon
that was pulled by a tractor and the way we went.Jerry, Jeff and Kristi looking forward to picking
their own apples on a beautiful fall day.

One of the many apple trees that was loaded with apples.

This is another shot of the same tractor/wagon contraption.

Jeff holding Nolan high into the tree so he could pick a certain apple.

Good for muscle build up.