Monday, December 28, 2009

The ongoing saga of my construction project from Hell

Since some of you are asking I will inform you to my take on Shingles.

They hurt like hell, they make your life miserable, you are weak and tired from lack of sleep and the constant pain, life goes on!!.

After three full weeks of constant pain I could not take it any more so called my doctor and pleaded for Prednisone as someone told me this is what to take. Hey, I am willing to take anything that looks, sounds, smells like it might help. If I have to inhale it, swallow it, eat it or rub it on; I am all for it. Jerry and I drove to Bismarck that night to get my prescription (as of course the doctors never call you back until after hours when the local pharmacy was already closed). A 120 mile round trip and we were back home after driving on icy roads and streets in Bismarck but "Hey, it was worth it". Well, after the first dose of Prednisone I felt better. The constant pain was gone just the lingering, "Shit, that still hurts but not as much" thing. Depression set in the 21st day. Don't talk to me, I will cry just thinking about it. This is not good as Christmas is just around the corner. The fact that my kids were coming home for Christmas helped soooooo much. Not all of them were able to get home for Christmas due to the snow storm but we survived with the ones that were here. We were all safe, warm and well fed. Lots of good food prepared mostly by the kids. I was mostly the onlooker this year. Thanks one and all. If I have to sit around for a few more days waiting for the Shingles to go away-I can do that. I'm flexible.
I am thinking 2010 will be better in the health department.

Happy New Year to all of you.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Construction from Hell

My construction project, as Ty calls it, is still under way. It has to do mainly with Shingles. Now if you have never had Shingles you can't quite imagine what it is like. I will tell you it is one horrible experience. First the pain starts then the rash begins. The pain is almost unbearable. Oh, an the rash keeps spreading. I was told and did read that Apple Cider vinegar would help the rash. I now smell like I fell in a jug of vinegar. But if it helps, hey, I am all for it.

I did discover one night as I walked the floors that my floors were really clean. No dust, no crumbs, no sand stuck to my tired worn out feet as I walked the floors all night long as the pain wouldn't allow me to either lay down nor sit down. I was so glad that I had had the energy to dust them that very day.

I have never liked needles but with the pain of my construction project I decided anything that might help would be worth a try. Jerry took me to Bismarck to a chiropractor that does acupuncture. I actually allowed him to stick those needles in my back. It did not hurt and I didn't have to watch him poke me as I was lying on my stomach. I do believe it might of helped the pain a bit. Of course I then had to go to my main doctor and get some pain medication as Tylenol wasn't cutting it. I now have some nerve medicine that does work. Alleluia!! Of course this I can only take 3 a day therefore I am in trouble when the pill wears off. Oh, I just remembered Jerry had surgery 2 years ago and he never took his pain pills. Alleluia!! I found those and in between nerve pills I pop the pain pills. The doctor also told me that Vitamin B Complex is good to take and to overdose on that as it does you no harm. More pills to pop. I read that Lysine is good for Shingles. I have that too. I am a regular medicine chest.

The only time I don't hurt is when I am in the shower. Now if I were a fish this would be great but being me I come out of their looking like a prune with a rash.

If anyone has any more ideas for me, please send them along as I am willing to try anything right now to relieve this miserable infection.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Corn chopping in full swing

This is an 8 row selfpropelled corn chopper. Neato!!
Jerry in the Case IH coming back from pulling this truck out
of the mud or wheel track where "she" ended up stuck. What
a terrible thing to happen to the only female driver on the
job. I am sure she wishes it would of been one of the men
that happened to find the soft area instead of her.

One semi fully up-ended to dump his silage

Justin packing silage

Justin doing the packing with the JD
Now this was a job I would never do as it scared
the living daylights out of me to go up on that pile.

Fully loaded semi

Starting to raise the bed

Up we go

Fully extended to dump the corn silage

And away we go. Very interesting I think

The chopper in the field with one truck about full

Ty in the loader tractor pushing the silage up
and Justin in the JD packing it. Great teamwork.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ty's bin project

The start of it all with the concrete being poured.The grain bins (2) that came from the SW part of ND.
Ty and his crew took them down and brought them home.
The start!! After the first ring the roof goes on.
They said the roof was the hardest part. Jerry, Jim and Doug.
Ty way up on top doing the hardest work!! :-)

Much labor involved. Doug, Jim and Ty.
Seven rings up and you can see the end in sight.
More of the same with rings going on. You can see
the hydraulic jacks that lift the bin so another ring
can be added.
Jim and Jeff on the inside. Mind you it was 91 deg
outside this day.
The jacks are ready to raise it for another ring. Ty checking
it all out to make sure all is ready. Jerry and Justin in the
tractors to raise it with the hydraulic jacks.
And up it goes. Slowly but it does go up.
All rings are up and the ladder is almost complete.
Ty working on the bottom area that will be bolted into
the concrete.
The grain bin near completion. Ty on his worn out knees
helping put in the bolts. The next concrete area is for
the second bin. I am thinking if there is anyone looking
to put up a bin for Ty he will take you up on it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


This is my giant size zucchini plant.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The green grass of home!!

Remember this mess??!!Now I actually have green grass.
With lots of watering this summer I now have green
grass to mow. I love the greeness of it all, not so
much the mowing of it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My mother on her 90th birthday.

We helped my mother celebrate her 90th birthday at her house
as she did not want any public celebration. She is doing
very well and still drives and plays card twice a week.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Minnesota vacation spots

The sail boats going out to sea in Duluth. Very
pretty sight.Gooseberry Falls north of Duluth
Jerry said this was a bear cave. Not so sure but sounded
good to me. I didn't see anything that even resembled a
bear but no use debating that tale.
Split Rock Lighthouse. Very neat little spot to check out.
We climbed to the very top.
The bridge in Duluth that lowers and raises for the ships.
You can stand under this thing as the cars go across it.
It almost makes you shudder. Almost as much as all
the sea gulls flying around the area.
This ship went to sea while we were there.
1000 feet of ship.

We toured this ship that is dry docked. Only 700 feet
long. Not so sure how I would do living on a ship like this
for a long period of time.

Our little munchkin grand kids. Our last stop in MN.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The week that was

Our main cook at the camp fire.Kristi was lucky enough to be here when we needed to
plant trees. She is always willing to help. At least she
seems to be. :)
Campfire night at the DeWitz Lodge
The kids love the tire swing.

Waiting for the Smores
The Smore makers

G'pa entertaining the little ones
My helper in the kitchen. What a good cook.

Aidyn became a champion golf cart driver

Kaitlyn and Sean loading the "57" so they could get
ready for the parade the next day. Their valet service
was excellent.
Troy and kiddo's leaving the garage for Napoleon.
That "57" sat in our garage since the flood in Fargo.
I just know Troy missed his car a whole lot and was glad
to be taking it home after the celebration.

This hearse in the parade was willing to take on
passengers although I didn't hear of anyone
wanting to use their services.

Troy and Shirley in the parade throwing out glow sticks.
I have no idea who this is but my dad used to have a
car like this so thought it would be neat to have a picture.
Justin with his "Lincoln" and Troy with his "57"
Wow, look at all the green grass!! Seems it just doesn't
grow in that area where the guys drive on it all the time.
Looks to me like it should be all rock. No need to mow weeds.