Friday, November 21, 2008

I think that I shall never see - -

The Lone Tree
(by Sharon)
I am called the Lone tree by everyone around
I am here by myself as the rest of the trees
All were destroyed, rotted or fell down
I am here as a landmark as all you people can see.
Here I stand all alone and by myself
In the summertime heat and in the winters freezing cold
I'm here for a purpose besides being pretty and green
At least that's what most of the people are told.
Some years I have no leaves and am so bare
Then here I am and, "Surprise everyone!!"
I am all leafed out and have turned nice and green
I stand so tall and proud to enjoy the rain and the sun.
In the winter I am brown and very bare
This is the way God meant it to be
I still do my job when I am directing traffic
To those that don't know-- I am the directing tree.
If you are new to the area and not sure where to go
You are lost and have a need to find your way
Just call and ask and you will find
That the message is always the same, be it night or be it day.
The message will get to your destination
Just go to the "Lone Tree" and then you will know
That if you follow the instructions like you should
You will soon be right where you wanted to go.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Snow and more snow

Another picture out my front door this afternoon. It has snowed all day
today and it seems like it just wants to keep right on snowing. This is just snow in the weeds in the shelter belt
to the north of our house.
Now I think this is really pretty. I don't dare tell Jerry
what I think though as he doesn't seem to like snow
very well. Go figure.

A couple of bales of hay just waiting to be fed to the cows.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The days of North Dakota

Yesterday it was a beautiful day. Today it is snowing and blowing. Winter storm warnings in
parts of North Dakota. Some roads are closed.
Now I ask you, "What would you prefer, sunshine or snow?"