Thursday, May 28, 2009

A day or two in our life

We were fortunate enough to have these 3 ducks fly right up
to our dining room window. They ran all over our yard that
day and there are still two around here as one green
head won the heart of the mallard.
It seems there has to be a boss
There has to be a worker. Drilling a hole for a tree.
A small tree!!
More labor intense it seems
It seems even the boss had to get on his knees.
With some major help from Justin the landscaping
project is complete. Now if everything will grow, I
will be happy.
Ty's planting outfit. How would you like to have to
turn around at the end of the field with this? Me, I would
be in the fence or the other persons field.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

As I was walking...........

I came across some dried grass in the back yard.
Thinking it must be grass from when I mowed my
first thought was to pick it up and put it in the garbage.
My second thought was, "Nope, there is some feathers
'in there amongst the grass". Now if you know me
you know I don't like feathers and will not touch one.
I decided this grass had to go, therefore I did pick it
up and low and behold underneath all that grass was
a bunny bed with 5 (count them) bunnies in there.
I immediately dropped the grass and covered them
back up thinking they will be gone before too long and
besides Bailey is on her way here in a couple of weeks.
Problem solved. I then decided I needed a picture of
these flowers chewers so I had to pick that grass up
again but I doubled checked the grass covering and
"Hey, it wasn't feathers after all, it was rabbit fur".
I was safe. They are awfully close to my house. I
know they like flowers so they better grow up fast
and move away.
They are cute but such stinkers.

My tulips are blooming and I am hoping those little bunnies
leave them alone.
Another flower for the rabbits.

As a last resort I can tell you I am a good shot with a 22

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another day on Dakota Prairie

The finches arrived by the scores today. There were
probably 60 to 70 of them here today. Not sure if
it was the wind, the heat or just a good day to find food.They had lots of feed and water for their meals.
Some stood guard while the rest ate

There must of been food on the ground as they
everywhere today.
The heifers seemed to be interested in what I was
doing out in their territory.

They are just so nosy. They came right up to me
to check things out.

They were finally enjoying the day as the wind had
gone down and it was 78 degrees out there.

They all want to say, "Hey" or maybe it was "Hay"

For those that love the CAT brand

As the potato people move in so does the equipment.A CAT for every job and several men
Some wheeled and some track

Need I say more??

This is a ripper on this CAT

There were 5 different CAT tractors in the field

Life on the prairie

This is one miserably windy day.
Here the finches are facing into the wind holding on
for dear life. Every bird for him self.The wind blew all the feed onto the ground so the
finches are busy finding their meal. There are
about 50 of them in my yard this am.
It seems I am on heifer patrol as they think they
should go to the interstate. Anyway, some of them are just
lazing around. I am thinking they must feel safer on the
ground thinking this way they won't get blown away.
These girls are filling their bellies with water to keep
them grounded for the day. Notice the ducks
swimming in the pond.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just call me Mj!!!

The saw waiting for someone to use it.My handy man making a raised garden bed for me .
These boards were heavy so I just watched.

Putting them together so they will NEVER come apart.

More hammering and making sure they stay together.

The dirt is in and now it needs a bit of a clean up job.
Now I know this isn't very big but remember I HATE
GARDENING!!!!! This will be all I can handle.
Now this landscaping project has been in the making
for about 2 years. My Nine Bark bushes had to be
protected therefore the pails over top of them for
safety sake.
This project is now ready for flowers, bushes, whatever.
I need ideas so if anyone has any , please feel free to
offer your opinion.