Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The geese are abundant!!

It seems these geese are very happy with one of the

corn fieldsAren't they neat to watch!!
A gazillion of them trying for air space

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The annual cattle roundup...heading for home

Ty..the boss..the great thinker--pondering his next moveThe herd going home
More of the same

You can bet they were eying those hay bales

The leaders were wanting to go the wrong way at times

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our 50th Anniversary celebration at Arrowwood

The anniversary cakeKristi getting lunch ready

Kaitlyn, Aidyn and Kimberly

Kimberly, McKayla and Kaitlyn

Kimberly and Kaitlyn going into the rushes

Sean, Nolan and Justin

McKayla and Aidyn with Arrowwood in the background

Ty, Kristi and Troy (team Sibling)

Shirley, Jeff and Deb (team Interloper)

Troy, Shirley, Kaitlyn and Sean

Ty, Deb, Justin, Kimberly and McKayla

Kristi, Jeff, Aidyn and Nolan

Jerry and Sharon with the 7 grand kids

The whole crew

Monday, June 20, 2011

The happenings in Dakota Land

We have an owl that seems to watch over us each day.Every morning he is here checking things out.
The alfalfa getting cut for silage

A field of alfalfa all ready to be chopped.

The official alfalfa cutter...Justin

More of the cutting department

One of Thunder Choppers trucks

Special liners in these trucks so the silage comes out easier.

Ty doing the packing of the pile.

Looks dangerous to me but the guys say, "NOT"

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Sarah Martinsen Memorial Run

Kristi running the 10K with Shirley in the background cheering her on.

Laurel is right beside Kristi so you can see her two feet. Kristi and Laurel getting closer to the end.

I am thinking this is the reason for the big smiles.

Galit running the full marathon. She was just too quick

for me as she was by us before I could take her picture.

Shirley, again on the sidelines, cheering for Galit.

Jacson Valentine ran the mile on Thursday night

Shirley DeWitz and Deb DeWitz (from Minot) walked the

5K on Friday night

Kristi DeWitz Strang, Laurel DeWitz Valentine and Morgan

Valentine ran the 10K on Sat morning.

Wayne Martinsen ran the half Marathon Sat morning

Galit DeWitz ran the full Marathon Sat morning

Good job all of you. We are proud.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring in Dakota Land

The many geese that are flying over this springOne mommy with the job of many

Just a snack before bedtime

Just resting before the games begin

Midnight..the kids' pet cow and her new baby

Saturday, March 12, 2011

March is supposed to mean spring is near

The blizzard hit right quickly and Jerry had no time to
get the rest of the way home.He was stranded in the road
could not see where to gohad to wait for help

Ty came to the rescue with a pay loader
and this what the pickup looked like after they
were finally able to get back to it and Jerry
was able to find his way home.
All safe and sound. A lot of snow blowing around--
all roads closed and many people stranded. Not a
good day to be out and about.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hay hauling, stuck in the snow and more snow!!

Mr. Jerry and his trusty dozer/tractorMr Jerry with his MX and dozer plus stack mover.
This outfit never gets stuck in the snow.
EXCEPT today!!
This is the trail I had to follow to get to the stuck

It snaked back and forth for quite some distance

In the background you can see the snaking trail .
A pay loader had to be brought in to pull him out.
Meanwhile I had to drive back out of that mess with
the pickup.
Our mailbox snowed mail delivered here.
Seems someone hit the sign and also the mail box post.

The road going west of our place. No travel advised here.