Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Everyone needs a warm spot in this cold winter snow

Our Christmas bunny that burrowed
under the Christmas bear. Another snowy day in
Dakota prairie country. Now this was right in front
of the house so I could watch him/her with its nose
constantly twitching. Now I realize that this is hard to see but there is a bear
with a red ribbon on his neck and the rabbit decided
this was a good place to get out of the snow and wind.
The bear was getting buried in the snow and his head
would no longer move so I dug him out of the snow
and brought him into the garage. The bunny has to
find a new home. There are a lot of snow banks where
that little rabbit can dig another hole.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Some Christmas Candids

Christmas Eve was a family evening with all the kids
and grandkids home. My mother also was here to
help celebrate the joyous birth of Jesus. What a joy
to have all my family here to laugh and enjoy one another.
With much good food and good humor the evening was a success.
Kristi and Jeff Kaitlyn seems happy with one of her gifts.Troy and Shirley
Ty and Deb
Everyone checking out the cameras and phones

A lot of good cheer going around here.

Nolan was happy with his golfing toy.

Not sure what was so funny but it seemed to
crack everyone up.

Some of the Christmas Eve photos

Our seven grandkids
Sean, Kimberly, Kaitlyn and Justin
Aidyn and McKayla

Aidyn and McKayla patiently waiting for present time.Our three kids
Ty, Kristi and Troy

The sun dogs of Dakota

This was a very cold day with the sun dogs out.
This happens when it is extremely cold.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where the deer and the pheasants......

This is just a couple of the pheasants that came up to
the house to eat one day this week. There were 15 of them.
Now the deer needed to eat so they too came up to the house.
There were 15 of them also. Not sure if there was to be a
gathering of the animals/birds or not.
Now this guy decided he needed to sharpen his
horns on one of our little trees. No wonder so many
of those trees die each winter.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow. Enough already!!

This what it looked like here a couple of days ago.
Not bad for December in NDNow this is 11 AM Sunday. Notice the birdbath.
If the birds want some water they better hurry.
This is 1:30 PM

At 4 PM the birds will have a hard time finding the water.
This is only a snow bank in front of my door. Actually
we didn't get much snow, it just blew into banks where it
is not needed nor wanted. It is still stormy out there though.