Monday, January 18, 2010

What a beautiful scene God created for us this morning!!

After a night of heavy fog this is the end result.Inches of frost everywhere.
The trees were spectacular.
Everywhere there was frost.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The latest chapter

Since my last ramblings I have pain yet in my back. The rash is gone but the pain lingers.

The new prescription of Prednisone did nothing for me. Okay, now what do I do!! I went to the health food store and explained my problem. Now they were most helpful. Either they thought
1- she is old and needs our help
2-she is in a lot of pain and needs our help
3-here is a sucker we can load down with saleable items and maybe she will get some help
4-all of the above

I did buy some "Oil of Oregano and some Professional Strength Homeopathic Spray. Now I have a new essence to me. They said I would smell like Pizza, I do not!! I smell like Oregano. It is not bad but I doubt if it would catch on the new scent of the season. This oil is rubbed into the painful area on my back. The spray is is tasteless. Yes, you spray it in your mouth. What ever, I am willing to try it. The next day after trying this my pain wasn't as acute. I had also ran out of Vitamin B Complex and that was also started at the time too. Whatever of these 3 items is helping I am thankful for it. Now I did wonder about the Homeopathic spray but I figured, "I didn't buy this from some dude selling it on a street corner so maybe it will work" and therefore felt safe buying it. The actual name for it is RHUS Toxicodendron. I am thinking,
"If this works, I am so happy and will gladly pay the bill". And to be fair, the people at the health food store were very nice and very helpful.