Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our journey to Minnesota for Nolan's birthday

Nolan requested a Spider Man cake and this is what it ended
looking like. No pro chef here!!Nolan was thrilled with one his new toys (a Nerf gun)Jeff was also thrilled with this new toy and spent
a lot of time trying to find new areas to shoot the ammo.
This provided all of us many laughs.
Now it was decided the thing to do was lay on the floor and
spin the ceiling fan to see how many darts
you could stick to the blades.
This is one of the top shooters, "our Kristi".
What great entertainment for all of us. Thanks Kj and Jeff!!

Even the old guys got into the Wii. Here they are bowling.
I do believe the kids won the game.

Aidyn was determined to sew something. Being the seamstress
that both her mother and grandmother are, she ended up
sewing pockets out of a cloth. She then finished the project
by sewing beads on and a handle. What a crafty person she is.
It turned out very cute when she was done with her project that
she spent the day doing.
Nolan doing his reading for the day. A quiet time while
G'ma was in charge.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our trip to Sunny Arizona

This is one of many thousands of cacti that you see
in Arizona. The birds drill holes in them and then nest
in there. They sometimes makes enough holes
to eventially ruin the cactus.
We went to the Grand Canyon. Very pretty and
very unusual as around each bend in the road
is a different view.

Of course we stopped at each point and took pictures.
Now this little building speaks for itself. No
need to flush here but they did have sanitizer there
as you walked back out the door.

Some of the views were more spectacular than others.

This is one big hole with many different formations.
This would not be a good place for little kids to visit.
Plus they would be bored after the first point of interest.

They say every year there is at least one death in
the Grand Canyon from someone falling.

Just more of the Grand Canyon

Some places it was red and very colorful

I believe the Colorado river is down there somewhere.

There was no snow down below but some where we
were driving along side of the road.

This is just the barren desert outside of Tucson.
Absolutely nothing growing there.

We went to Tombstone and Jerry met up with some
of his "old" friends. I think they partied too hardy.

This was the back trail after we left Tucson and it was
also barren and no animals, no birds out there. Just a
wasteland is my thought.

Above the clouds on our way back to Bismarck ND.
Beautiful flight both ways.