Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My plant that I won from the radio station

This is the free plant that I won one day when I just happened to turn on the radio and they were giving away a plant to the 11th caller. Well, I just happened to be the right caller and I was able to pick out the plant that I wanted. This is a Lupine and is so pretty. Of course I need to get it planted in my yard somewhere where it will flourish.

The grandkids enjoying the nice weather

Kristi, Aidyn and Nolan spent several days at our house. While here McKayla joined us and she and Aidyn rode bikes around and around and up and down the driveway. They do so enjoy each others company.Nolan doing his best to keep up with the girls and doing a good job of it too.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My new storage shed

Ty moving the bin to its new location, my back yardTy and Doug making sure the bin is in just the right locationOkay let it down, this looks about right. I am holding it Ty, hurry up!!
What do you think, Jerry??
(this from Doug in the yellow shirt)
There will be a bigger door put in and the lawn mower, the golf cart,
the garden cart and whatever else needs storage will be in this bin/storage
tank. The name Sioux will be cut off so no problems there with any NDSU
students not liking the looks of this.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jerry with one of his bins

You can't see the proud smile on Jerrys face but it is there!!

Some more pictures of the grain bins

It was mentioned that this might have to be changed to NDSU Now doesn't this look like something you would want in your yard
This is the one that Rob seemed to have a problem with and smashed the top in. You can always ask him about it.
The guys all done with the moving and looking forward to a beer. All three parked in Tys yard for the time being

The guys moving three grain bins

This is one of the bins that Jerry bought at an auction sale two years ago. Ty is driving this vehicleThis is the 2nd one of the bunch with Doug driving
The "guys". Josh, Rob, Doug, Ty, Justin and the proud owner of those bins, Jerry.
It looks like it was a hot day, notice the item on the ground in the middle of all these men although it does seem to be closer to Jerry. ;-)

Monday, July 7, 2008

This is a Nine Bark Bush

This is some new colors that formed on the Nine Bark. They stay yellow green all year and have white blossoms, now this new red bud has formed. It is so pretty. They are young yet so I am hoping they continue to grow and do all this color thing every year.

Some of my flowers

These flowers all look so nice this year. Our heat has really helped them.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Some irrigated alfalfa baled

The baler and baler tractor that Justin is running. He thinks this tractor is really great Some of the irrigated alfalfa that Justin baled. Looks good to me. Did I mention that he is 12 years old?!!

Some the corn on the Dakota Prairie

This is one the corn fields that is looking good. Another view of the corn field with Jerry in the background incorporating anhydrous
Yet another picture of the same field
This is Jerry with the anhydrous applicator, the anhydrous tank and the CaseIH with the irrigation unit in the background

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This is Dakota Prairie for sure

This is Tys' flax field just north of my house. How pretty it is when it is in full bloom. I have flax to the north, to the west and to the south of my house This is Tys' canola field. There are female plants and male plants. Now can you imagine doing the sexing on those seeds. It would be almost as bad as sexing chickens. They spray to get rid of the female plants for whatever reason. I don't know!!! This is canola for seed.
This is Tys' barley field. It is beautiful. I really hope the storms don't damage it before Ty gets it harvested.
Now, this is my green grass that I have been faithfully watering every day. Wish me luck with this project. I have a long ways to go before it will need mowing.