Friday, September 11, 2009

Ty's bin project

The start of it all with the concrete being poured.The grain bins (2) that came from the SW part of ND.
Ty and his crew took them down and brought them home.
The start!! After the first ring the roof goes on.
They said the roof was the hardest part. Jerry, Jim and Doug.
Ty way up on top doing the hardest work!! :-)

Much labor involved. Doug, Jim and Ty.
Seven rings up and you can see the end in sight.
More of the same with rings going on. You can see
the hydraulic jacks that lift the bin so another ring
can be added.
Jim and Jeff on the inside. Mind you it was 91 deg
outside this day.
The jacks are ready to raise it for another ring. Ty checking
it all out to make sure all is ready. Jerry and Justin in the
tractors to raise it with the hydraulic jacks.
And up it goes. Slowly but it does go up.
All rings are up and the ladder is almost complete.
Ty working on the bottom area that will be bolted into
the concrete.
The grain bin near completion. Ty on his worn out knees
helping put in the bolts. The next concrete area is for
the second bin. I am thinking if there is anyone looking
to put up a bin for Ty he will take you up on it.