Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Minnesota vacation spots

The sail boats going out to sea in Duluth. Very
pretty sight.Gooseberry Falls north of Duluth
Jerry said this was a bear cave. Not so sure but sounded
good to me. I didn't see anything that even resembled a
bear but no use debating that tale.
Split Rock Lighthouse. Very neat little spot to check out.
We climbed to the very top.
The bridge in Duluth that lowers and raises for the ships.
You can stand under this thing as the cars go across it.
It almost makes you shudder. Almost as much as all
the sea gulls flying around the area.
This ship went to sea while we were there.
1000 feet of ship.

We toured this ship that is dry docked. Only 700 feet
long. Not so sure how I would do living on a ship like this
for a long period of time.

Our little munchkin grand kids. Our last stop in MN.