Monday, May 23, 2011

The Sarah Martinsen Memorial Run

Kristi running the 10K with Shirley in the background cheering her on.

Laurel is right beside Kristi so you can see her two feet. Kristi and Laurel getting closer to the end.

I am thinking this is the reason for the big smiles.

Galit running the full marathon. She was just too quick

for me as she was by us before I could take her picture.

Shirley, again on the sidelines, cheering for Galit.

Jacson Valentine ran the mile on Thursday night

Shirley DeWitz and Deb DeWitz (from Minot) walked the

5K on Friday night

Kristi DeWitz Strang, Laurel DeWitz Valentine and Morgan

Valentine ran the 10K on Sat morning.

Wayne Martinsen ran the half Marathon Sat morning

Galit DeWitz ran the full Marathon Sat morning

Good job all of you. We are proud.