Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The week that was

Our main cook at the camp fire.Kristi was lucky enough to be here when we needed to
plant trees. She is always willing to help. At least she
seems to be. :)
Campfire night at the DeWitz Lodge
The kids love the tire swing.

Waiting for the Smores
The Smore makers

G'pa entertaining the little ones
My helper in the kitchen. What a good cook.

Aidyn became a champion golf cart driver

Kaitlyn and Sean loading the "57" so they could get
ready for the parade the next day. Their valet service
was excellent.
Troy and kiddo's leaving the garage for Napoleon.
That "57" sat in our garage since the flood in Fargo.
I just know Troy missed his car a whole lot and was glad
to be taking it home after the celebration.

This hearse in the parade was willing to take on
passengers although I didn't hear of anyone
wanting to use their services.

Troy and Shirley in the parade throwing out glow sticks.
I have no idea who this is but my dad used to have a
car like this so thought it would be neat to have a picture.
Justin with his "Lincoln" and Troy with his "57"
Wow, look at all the green grass!! Seems it just doesn't
grow in that area where the guys drive on it all the time.
Looks to me like it should be all rock. No need to mow weeds.