Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The boys and their toys

This is right at the four corners of our old place.The
road was washed out. Very deep and very wide.Jerry (Hj) did fill it in a couple of times.
It seems no matter how busy there is time to play.

Doug showing the maneuverability of the ATV with
the tracks. Notice the big smile.

I will tell you that there is someone in the family that
has gotten it stuck. No names though. Well, I will tell
you this person has the shortest name in the family.
After all he should get the credit. I think he needed a
big shovel.

Water, water and more water

Some of the pheasants playing in the snow before the meltThe deer are back and enjoying not having to walk in snow
One area south of the tracks in Tappen. The water had gone
down by several inches already.
More flooding in south Tappen
It would seem there might be a swimming pool in the
basement here.

This is the potato warehouse northeast of Tappen.
The ditches are overflowing. They are pumping
water to the west to try to get rid of it.

This is north of the Lone Tree.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Kudos to all the workers that helped with this project

Some of the flooded areas in Fargo. This was south of Fargo.
All water with snow on top.Interstate 29 looking north from south of Fargo
Just water and more water
Need I say more??
More of the same with our driver narrating
This is Rose Creek golf course
The secondary dike near the river. Those homes to the
back side are in between the two dikes.

Some of the Hesco Bastion barricades filled with dirt

covered with snow
Barricades with more dirt for the dikes
Just plain dirt/mud for this secondary dike