Friday, September 26, 2008

Justin with his first goose

Justin went hunting the first day of the water fowl youth season.
He was lucky enough to bag a goose and a duck.
This was the first time he ever went goose hunting.
His dad went with him as the driver/decoy set up man,etc.The next day he went again this time with G'pa as
his driver/spotter/hot chocolate supplier and
again was lucky enough to get another goose.
Needless to say Justin and his family had a couple
of meals of goose and duck.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Truly North Dakota prairie

The trees turning colors for the fall season.
They are really pretty right now.Now you might think this is fog.
I wish it was. It is dust from the potato trucks
that were flying by here all day with the wind
in the wrong direction.
You did not want to be outside for a breath of
fresh air when this took place. This isn't
even the worst of it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The pet lamb that follows the kids everywhere

Justin, Kim and McKayla have a bottle lamb. It seem she follows them whenever they are around. They brought her to my place so I could see her. She was one of a set of twins. The mother wouldn't accept her so the kids and Deb have become her "mommy". She seems to love to be held. She just cuddles right into the person holding her. Looks like Justin doesn't mind either.
Suzie Q, as the kids have named her, looks like she is walking on high heels. She is so soft to touch.

Getting my driveway graveled

One day as I was working, as usual, I heard a truck in my yard. I looked out and this is what I saw. This guy had backed up into my driveway and then started forward at a rapid pace.As he did this the new gravel was laid out onto my driveway. What a great way to get it done quickly.
If you look closely you can see that the gravel is all neat as can be. He did this more than once.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Have any rocks that you want to use??

Some guy figured out what to do with all those rocks that are always in the way and are a nuisance. He makes all kinds of birds out of these rocks with the help of some other person that does the metal work. This is a Heron. He has whole families of geese and many more kinds of birds. Big rocks, little rocks, all kinds of rocks. He is located in Minneapolis and goes to the craft shows. Now if you have extra rocks, you know what to do with them.Another shot of my Heron.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Rainbows while it rained and the sun was shining

This first rainbow was so bright and it seemed to be right into our hay stacks. I did suggest to Jerry that he go see if there was a pot of gold at the end. My idea was nixed. Darn, I could of used a pot of gold too. I no more came back into the house and there was a second rainbow. It was raining hard all the while the sun was shining so you knew it wasn't going to last long. Anyway a nice short rain shower.

Some of the little lambs

McKayla bottle feeding a new lamb while Deb holds the baby. This lamb was a twin and needed some extra help to get going in this life. One of the older lambs
A mommy and her baby
Another mommy, her baby and the neighbors checking inJustin, McKayla, and Kimberly with me doing the driving. The front of the barn was rather muddy/crappy so we drove the 4-wheeler into the barn to save our shoes. McKayla didn't seem to mind the mud and muck as she walked in but then she did have boots on!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

A new addition to Ty & Debs ranch

This is the newest project at Ty and Debs. It seems they needed a new lawn mower and decided 25 of these things would work quite well. These are 25 bred ewes. There should be many more by the time they all give birth. They are due in a little over a weeks time. Will be interesting to see just how many have duplicates and hopefully all survive including the birthing supervisors.
As you can see, some wanted their pictures taken. I was happy to take their picture and do a blog on them. They are happily munching their way around the yard with an electric fence keeping them where they are supposed to be. I have been told a couple of those sheep have found their way out of the fence but seem to go back in where they belong when chased in that direction. Here are two of the sheep herders. So far Kimberly and Justin seem to enjoy their new experience.