Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One of Troys' projects for the day

This past weekend we spent in Fargo with Troy, Shirley, Kaitlyn and Sean. While there Troy had a project that he needed help with. Jerry was more then willing to lend a hand. Troy is on a tall ladder that is on the steps and leaning on the wall that he is facing. This you cannot see. First you measure and re-measure.Then you level and re-level again. Of course two heads are better than one. Of course Shirley and I are below these guys telling them where the best spot would be for the picture. They did need our advice!!Jerry trying to get the picture hung while Troy holds it up there. I am sure Troy is hoping that Jerry moves up the pace a bit.
The final results. It is a very pretty picture that Troy bought for his lovely wife and just needed a bit of help to get it hung.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Humming bird??

While at Troy and Shirley's this weekend Shirley captured these pictures of what we think is a hummingbird. Others think it is some kind of a big bug. I tell you, those wings were going a mile a minute. I don't think he/she was two inches long. He/she just kept after those flowers and didn't mind us being there nor the flash of the camera. Very interesting.

Harvest time and haying time

Doug swathing canolaJerry baling sorghum

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The grandkids here for the weekend

Kaitlyn and Sean came for the weekend and while here Justin joined them in checking out the new storage shed. Jerry had just cut a bigger door in the shed. The kids were "impressed" to say the least.
A side note- Justin has just had another foot surgery and is doing great. Kaitlyn and Sean getting ready to head back home after spending a few days with their grandparents and cousins.
We enjoyed having them here. They are really good kids. This was Kaitlyn's first journey that amounted to any amount of miles. Sean was the co-pilot.